For the people who are wondering about the start of the NFR event, it is going to start right from the 6th of December, 2019. Every single year, different cowboys take part in the event whereas the fans back up them to cheer up.

Also, in every event of the NFR, Top 15 money winners compete for the world title and the best contestants win the money along with the trophy.

Well, it’s pretty tough to compete right at the National Finals Rodeo event whereas the players have to practice really well.

However, for the fans, there is no need to compete as we have brought you some interesting NFR 2019 facts.

Right from the most stunning to exciting ones, you will definitely love every single fact related to the NFR event.

Take a Look at the NFR Event Facts

Starting with the Arena and Animals, we will move on to the other NFR facts that will amaze you to some really good extents.

Arena and Animals

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to completely transform the Thomas & Mack Center right from a basketball arena to home of rodeo?

Well, it takes a lot of struggle along with immense efforts. Residing more than 2000 stalls is a hefty task but the ground staff did their work and achieved the same.

Also, speaking about the animals, there was more than 700 head of the livestock out there. This included around 310 head bucking stock, 75 calves, 120 steers, and 50 grand entry and flag horses.

The Fans

Coming right on to the talk about the fans, given below is the total number of stuff that were sold at the NFR event.

  • Beers Sold – 75,000
  • Pizzas Sold – 5,000
  • Nachos Sold – 4,500
  • Hard Liquor Drinks Sold – 11,000
  • Hot Pretzels Sold – 6,800
  • Popcorn Sold – 7,000
  • Bottled Waters Sold – 15,000
  • Sodas Sold – 26,000

World Champions Gold Buckle

Well, every single Montana Silversmiths buckle needs around 110 man-hours for completing the weighs about a single pound. More to it, they have got an amazing starting base whereas the value for the same is around $17,500 each.

32 Years Right in the Las Vegas

The year 2019 is all set to mark the 32nd Anniversary of the NFR event right in Las Vegas.

Well, the prize money for the 2019 NFR event is set to be $10 million. In fact, over the years, purse has grown to exponential heights.

Riding back in the year 1985, the total price money raised was just $1.8 million. However, in the year 2019, money is massive and will increase as and when the year passes.

Browsing ahead, in the year 2019, Wrangler NFR had around 170,966 people over the course of 10 years of their competition.

Looking at the Back Numbers

The numbering for different back number players at the NFR event is decided on the total prize money that is won. This includes different NFR events at the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo or even the All American ProRodeo Finals.

More to it Burger is one of the oldest competitors at the 68 years event. But, speaking about the youngest competitor, Ryder Wright was the one who competed at the age of 15 years, 9 months.

Final Word of Mouth

By now, you must have got some of the most exciting facts related to the NFR event for the most successful years.

In fact, if you can observe the event clearly, you will see that the price of money for the same has increased with every passing day. More to it, the fan following has also increased whereas talks are going all over the social media platforms.

Now, as the case goes for the fans, you have got two options to watch the NFR 2019 event. Either, you can choose the offline option whereas you can watch the event being at the stadium.

Or else, you can try different online options from where you can choose the streaming channels or the platforms.

Either way, you know what’s best for you where you can choose any option and watch the NFR 2019 event with utmost joy and happiness.


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