First of all, riding back to the history of the Beauty Pageants Winners, the concept of Miss Rodeo was developed in the year 1955. In this case, a group of gentlemen organized the event with the help of the International Rodeo Management (IRM), ray Peterson Sir and Nevada.

During the period of the first-ever Beauty Pageants, there was lots of hardship along with the ups and downs. However, even after severe hardships, the Beauty Pageants event is still running quite strong that is an amazing thing.

Therefore, in order to let you know about the past Beauty Pageants Winners, let’s go ahead and unwrap every single winner listing, one by one.

List of Past Beauty Pageants Winners List

Firstly, the Pageant moved on to Chicago, Illinois right in the year 1956. This year, Nebraska won the title of the first-ever beauty Pageant.

From that time the Beauty Pageants moved on to San Francisco where Jan Porath became the Miss Beauty Pageant for the year 1963.

Also, after all those years, the Miss Pageant title was won by the Susan Idaho in the year 1959, Martha Lehmann won in 1960 and right in the year 1964, it was won by Sandi Prati of Texas.

Browsing a little further, in the year 1974, the Beauty Pageants moved on to Oklahoma City this time around the year, Betty Schnell from Idaho won the Beauty Pageants title in the year 1976. She celebrated her victory right at the Myriad in Oklahoma City during the great National Finals Rodeo competition.

Moving ahead, in the year 1978, Almabeth Edington won the Beauty Pageants Award in the year 1977.

Speaking about the year 1979, Debbie Johnston won the Beauty Pageants awards and was pretty happy after getting the title.

In the year 1984, Sandy Kay Meyer won that year’s Beauty Pageants title whereas her fans were happy after the same.

Yet another milestone for the Beauty Pageants and the year 1985 came into the spotlight. During the year 1985, producers started broadcasting the show to the entire world.

Hence, time after time, the show producers have enhanced the event where the prize money has also increased.

After the year 2000, the value of prize money enhanced after which lots of females went ahead to take part in the competition.

A Look At Streaming Options

Going ahead with the streaming options for Beauty Pageants event, well there are plenty. The world is slowly moving online whereas you can choose from a wide variety of streaming options.

Whether you want to watch Beauty Pageants Winners free of cost or want the quality to watch Beauty Pageants event, everything is available on the internet.

Therefore, before choosing the online streaming option, make sure that you have got a faster speed net connection.

After this, you can simply choose any option and watch the entire Beauty Pageants event live online.

Final Word of Mouth

By now, we are sure that you have got the Beauty Pageants Winner’s list to absolute perfection. Well, this event is one of the most amazing ones for Rodeo fanatics where they also watch other events.

As of now, we are just a few months away to witness such an amazing event whereas all you can do is one good thing.

Keenly wait for the event to start and faster speed net connection. Also, having a compatible device is the key too as you can then watch the entire NFR events in a hassle freeway.

Or else, if you are a diehard fan of such events, you can avail the show tickets from requested portals.

Either way, it’s your choice whether you want to watch the match in an online manner or offline ones.


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